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Australia is an English speaking country, having a population of about 21 million multicultural people and boasts 8 major cities in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. It also has many beautiful small towns along with some of the most stunning countryside and coastlines anywhere in the world. It is one country but of similar size to the whole of Europe. Population density is amongst the lowest in the world, with an average of 2.5 people per sq. km.

Australia has a very strong economy, and internationally recognized education system, first class transport links, great weather, a high standard of living and is a cost effective option for students to embark on their international education and life experience.

Climate: Nearly a 3rd of Australia is in the tropics & the rest is in the temperate zone


The Australian education system is worldly recognized for its excellence and is renowned for producing high quality graduates with the practical skills and knowledge demanded by employers internationally.

The university level of education is the highest level of education in Australia. Student can study either at the undergraduate level or post graduate level in a university. Generally universities follow semester system. Student can choose from vast range of courses including traditional academic areas & research as well as more practical courses with a vocational orientation.

In Australia vocational courses are offered by government funded TAFE institutes and by some private colleges. Almost all the institutions are closely linked with the industry so the courses are practical & skill based. You can step directly in to a career or use your experience elsewhere. Specialist English language tuition is offered by more than 200 institutions located all over Australia.

Australian education boasts an excellent choice of public and private education providers throughout the country offering every discipline at all levels from Certificates and Diplomas to Doctorate courses. The high standard of the courses and teaching provide the excellent platform to embark your chosen career.

The style of teaching and learning at Australian Colleges and Universities develop strong analytical and academic skills which encourage you to think independently and creatively. The fantastic experience will be rewarding both academically and personally preparing you for life's journey.

Australia offers excellent value for money, with living expenses & tuition costs in Australia considerably less expensive than the UK & USA.

English language proficiency is a requirement when applying for a student visa. The IELTS is the only test accepted by the Australian department of immigration for student visa purpose. Australian education institutions can only accept student with an appropriate level of proficiency those require for student visa. Student visa holders are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week & full time during vacation.

The main intake for all Australian institutions is February. There is also a midyear intake offered by some Australian universities during July for some courses.


All students who wish to study Vocational Education or Higher Education courses abroad will require a student visa for their country of choice. Our extensive knowledge of the visa systems in all the countries in which we operate enables us to confidently guide and prepare students to secure a student visa.