SIMONE Services

SIMONE INTERNATIONAL AVENUES, (SIA), career counseling programs are designed to cater the needs of each and every applicant. It guides students who wish to study abroad, through the entire process as smoothly as possible. Our expert team members help in selecting the right program based on academics and interest, eventually boosting career prospects for students.

Course Selection
Universities offer wide variety of courses ranging from undergraduate programs to graduate programs (master degrees and diplomas). Students can choose various programs from a range of reputable academic institutions consisting of 1,000 to 60,000 students. Universities offer different undergraduate and graduate research programs. International students can apply either for fall or winter semester depending upon the program one chooses.

University Selection
At times selecting the right university can be strenuous and confusing. Students often find this difficult and end up making the wrong choice. Our well-qualified counsellors are available here to help in selecting the right institution as well as the right program that will boost career prospects. Your choice and your career objective will be completely taken into consideration before we advise you.

Cost Estimation
With the help of our experience & resourses, we have successfully managed to provide students with information like cost of living, transportation, accommodation, flight cost and so on. This gives the applicant a very good idea about the approximate expenditure he/she would incur during the entire stay in the country of their choice.

Requirements & Pre-Requisites
One must not forget that academic programs abroad have certain requirements & pre-requisites. Depending on the program, applicant has to satisfy the entire eligibility requirement. In other words the applicant/s has to fulfill that requirement/s before their application can be considered for admissions. For most of the international students, TOEFL or IELTS is necessary but again it depends from one university to the other. Academic grade of B or B+ is compulsory by most of universities & colleges abroad. Submitting an incomplete application will result in huge delays which in turn may lead to unsuccessful admissions due to seats unavailability or any other reasons for that matter. Hence we at SIMONE INTERNATIONAL AVENUES,(SIA), guide students through the entire application process and ensures that the student satisfies the completion of the entry requirement before the application is submitted.

End to End Application Process
All universities have strict application deadlines. We recommend students who would like to study abroad to apply at least 6-7 months prior, giving enough time to fulfill other formalities like visa, arranging accommodation and so on. It is advisable to apply for fall (September) session or winter (January) session. Most of the students prefer the same. In case of more information in detail, we have our qualified counsellors appointed to satisfy all the queries & they will be more than glad to have doubts cleared.

VISA Information
Our job isn't necessarily over with admissions. We also provide visa guidance to all aspiring students who wish to study abroad for higher academic programs & scholarships. We not only provide with updated information on visa filing procedures but support students on every step if at all required!

Pre-departure Guidance
With our pre-departure briefing, we intend to provide students who are ready to study abroad with loads of valuable information and insights that we think will help them in settling down in the country. This ranges anything from climatic conditions to booking flights, from foreign exchange to arranging accommodations!

Students have the option to stay either in the university halls of residence or in private accommodation. In case of more information in detail, we have our qualified counsellors appointed to satisfy all queries.

Other Services
We help the students for assist in Bank loan procedure, Forex, Air tickets and other necessary procedure.